About The Film

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First-time filmmaker Jordan Thierry offers context and conversation in this honest exploration of fatherhood in Black America. Through a telling of his own story and interviews with historians, he traces the roots of the fatherless Black home and reveals a history much more complex and profound than is often told. \

Putting that history into perspective the second half of the film is a dialogue among fathers discussing their experiences, inspirations, and insight on how communities can come together to ensure the power of a father’s love is not lost on America’s Black children.

• Dr. Wade Nobles, Professor Emeritus, Department of Africana Studies, San Francisco State University
• Dr. Charles Lewis, President of Congressional Research Institute, Social Work and Policy and Adjunct Professor, Howard University School of Social Work
• Dr. Donald Roe, Associate Professor of History, Howard University
• Dr. Ronald B. Mincy, Maurice V. Russell Professor of Social Policy and Social Work Practice, Columbia University School of Social Work


“The Black Fatherhood Project is an amazing film. I’m especially impressed by the way it conceptualizes history and offers personal narrative. The information is timely, relevant, and is critical for addressing fatherhood in the African-American community.”
– Prof. Akil Houston, PhD, Department of African American Studies, Ohio University

“This film is an important contribution to the true image of Black fathers in America . . . The film captures eloquently the challenges, struggles, triumphs, hopes and dreams of African American men.”
Dr. Joseph White, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of California, Irvine; pioneer of the field of Black Psychology

“Very powerful… The film brilliantly illustrated the relationship between African American fathers and their children, and the impact of chattel enslavement on the African family unit. The film is successful in presenting an image of African American men that counters the negative and often oversimplified stereotypes of African American fathers…. I highly recommend this film.”
– Ken Morris, Jr., Director of Intercultural Life, Cornell College, IA

“I highly recommend The Black Fatherhood Project film as an effective tool for inspiring reflection and discussion, which can lead to both personal and systems-level changes. The film has benefitted our community, our agency, and more specifically our interventions with the families we serve. The film addresses macro level social constructs which directly affect and influence micro level interactions with families and children.”
– Meg Wills, LCSW, Therapeutic Program Manager, Listen to Kids, Impact Northwest

“Exceptionally well done…. addresses the impact of the history of Africa, slavery and institutional racism upon the African-American family today.”
–Kenneth Yarnell, Principal, Aloha High School, Oregon


(partial list)

•National Alliance of Children and Families Annual Conference
•Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
•Wall Street Alpha’s Gents Mentor Program
•North Coast Youth Correctional Facility, Oregon Youth Authority
•Portland State University Multicultural Center
•Oregon State Penitentiary
•Uhuru SaSa Club. University of California, Los Angeles
•Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
•KIPP Vision Academy, Atlanta, Georgia
•Ohio University
•University of Iowa